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Do you like to laugh? Do you like good jokes? Welcome to our world, the world of the Orange Peel Gazette. Some people say we could possibly be the most popular publication in America and surly attract national advertisers. But until then, as we enter our 14th year entertaining central Florida, we’re just as happy to keep the thousands and thousands of our Orange Peel Gazette readers smiling, giggling, laughing and carrying on.

 Whether you pick up our latest edition or view us online, tell your family, friends and neighbors that everyone is welcome to the world of the Orange Peel Gazette.

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Graduation Test - It's graduation day, and everybody's going to get their diploma but Jon. At the assembly, the entire senior class stands up and shouts "Let Jon graduate, let Jon graduate!" The principal agrees to give Jon one last chance. "If I have five apples in my right hand and five in my left hand, Jon, how many apples do I have?" he asked. Jon thought long and hard and then said: "Ten." And the entire senior class stood up and shouted "Give Jon another chance. Give Jon another chance!"